Department of Statistics

Notice Board/Circulars

107/08/2020Extension of date for filling of admission form of PG courses
205/08/2020circular regarding working on saturdays
331/07/2020Mandatory Non- Disclosure Undertaking Notice
430/07/2020Admission form Semester III upto 10.08.2020
530/07/2020Tentative Schedule of submitting online admission forms of M.Sc. Sem I
630/07/2020Notice regardig online payment of tution fee session 2020-21
728/07/2020PMS Guidelines 2020-21 for SC students of Panjab and SC, ST, OBC students of other states
806/07/2020Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship 2021 for research students: Last date of application: 09 July 2020
924/06/2020ONLINE ONE-DAYNATIONAL WEBINAROnNonparametric Smooth Estimation of Probability Density Function and Other Related Functionals26thJune, 2020 (6.00 PM onwards)
1010/06/2020Change the timing for The online Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Prerna Godura is at 10.00 A.M. instead of 11.00 A.M
1110/06/2020ONLINE ONE-DAY NATIONAL WEBINAR on Randomized Controlled Trials: Phases and Planning held on June 13, 2020
1229/05/2020ONLINE ONE-DAY NATIONAL WEBINAR On COVID-19 in India – A Statistical Study on the Dynamics of Transmission and Control through Non-pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI) June 2, 2020
1320/05/2020The admission eligibility criteria of the following courses for the session 2020-2021
1415/05/2020Schedule of Entrance Test Panjab University-CET (P.G.) 2020 for admission to M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester-I for the academic Session 2021-2022
1623/04/2020Online One Day International Webinar on Corona Virus Pandemic: Understanding Data and Key Learning in Health Statistics
1720/03/2020For any type of query related to Office work
1921/01/2020Schedule of Entrance Test PU (CET P.G.) session 2020-2021
2019/11/2019 SPSS Workshop December 4-12,2019
2127/08/2019List of Eligible Candidates for Guest Faculty
2227/08/2019Guest Faculty Notice
2320/08/2019Applications are invited for the appointment of Guest Faculty
2427/07/2019Waiting List Admission Notice 2019
2526/07/2019Notice regarding M.Sc. Sem-I
2626/07/2019Updated Waiting List of M. Sc. (Statisitcs) Sem-1
2726/07/2019Instructions for M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester- I for the Session 2019-2020 for filling online Hostel form
2825/07/2019Final Merit List of admitted/waiting list of canditates for M.Sc(Statistics) Sem-1
2925/07/2019M.Sc. (Statistics) Admission Fee Notice 2019-20
3024/07/2019Notice regarding Statistics Department counselling(Approved list)
3119/07/2019Provisonal Merit List for M.Sc. Statistics (Sem-I)
3216/07/2019Tentative Merit List for M.Sc. (Sem. I) Statistics 2019-2020
3315/07/2019Admission Schedule for 2019-20
3412/07/2019Reconsideration of Category weightage
3512/07/2019Sports Category admission notice
3604/07/2019Notice regarding extension of last date for filling online admission form
3702/07/2019CETPG entrance test Result notification for fresh admission in M.Sc. Statistics Sem-I Session 2019-20
3826/06/2019Brief profile of the Department
3926/06/20192nd year Admission notice
4003/05/2019Admission Notice (Based on Entrance Test) for Admission to M.Sc. (Statistics) Two Year Course (2019-20)
4130/04/2019The Department of Statistics is organizing a Workshop on SPSS for 8 days from May 13 21, 2019
4204/02/2019Symposium Registration Form
4328/01/2019Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Sukhmani Sidhu
4403/12/2018 SPSS workshop from December 12-21,2018
4517/11/2018SPSS on Workshop for 8 days from December 3 - 11, 2018
4618/09/2018Attendance upto Aug, 2018 M. Sc (Statistics) Sem-III
4718/09/2018Attendance upto Aug, 2018 M. Sc (Statistics) Sem-1
4827/07/2018The regular classes of M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester-I will start from July 30, 2018 (Monday) from 09.00 onward
4927/07/2018Those students who are in the waiting list of General Category and are willing to be considered for admission are advised to come to the Department
5027/07/201833% of the total lectures delivered and practical classes
5127/07/2018Compulsory attendance requirement is 75% of the total number of lectures
5225/07/2018Fee Notice for M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester-I Session 2018-19
5324/07/2018List of admitted candidates M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester I 2018-19 including waiting list
5420/07/2018Tentative Merit List M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester I
5518/07/2018Schedule for admission to M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester-I (2018-19)
5611/07/2018Viva-Voce of Mr. Man Inder Kumar
5705/07/2018M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester-II are advised to fill up their admission form for the session 2018-19 for 2nd year semester-III
5804/07/2018Workshop on SPSS for 8 days from July 09 - 16, 2018.
5925/05/2018Viva-Voce of Ms. Savita Jain
6016/05/2018 Workshop on SPSS for 7 days from May 25-31, 2018
6111/05/2018Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Preety Rattan
6204/05/2018Viva-Voce of Ms. Bhavana Kaushal
6304/05/2018Viva-Voce of Mr. Azad Roshani
6416/04/2018Attendance record of Sem.II ( up to March 31, 2018)
6511/04/2018Attendance record of Sem.IV ( up to March 31, 2018)
6623/02/2018Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Aarti Goyal
6720/02/2018Attendance up to January, 2018 (including practicals), M.Sc. (Statistics) Sem-IV
6820/02/2018Attendance upto January, 2018 (including practicals), M.Sc. (Statistics) Sem-II
6919/02/2018Quotation for the purchase of printer cartridges
7015/11/2017Attendance upto October, 2017, M.Sc. (Statistics) Sem-III
7115/11/2017Attendance upto October, 2017, M.Sc. (Statistics) Sem-I
7215/10/2017Attendance September Semester 3rd
7315/10/2017attendance September Semester 1st
7414/09/2017attendance august semester i
7514/09/2017attendance august semester iii
7616/08/2017attendance july 2017
7701/08/2017Notice regarding vacant seats in general and defence category
7801/08/2017As on August 31, 2017, there is no vacant seat for admission to M.Sc.(Statistics)Semester I
7929/07/2017Notice for fee deposit by August 1,2017
8029/07/2017Display of Waiting List of candidates for admission in M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester 1
8129/07/2017List of admitted candidates in M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester 1 (2017-18)
8217/07/2017Schedule for admission in M.Sc. (Statistics) 2017-18 Semester 1
8311/05/2017Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Rajvir Singh Chauhan
8412/04/2017Attendance Sem-IV upto 31 March
8512/04/2017Attendance Sem-II upto 31 March 2017
8615/03/2017M.Sc. (Statistics) Sem-IV Attendance upto Feb. 28,2017
8715/03/2017M.Sc. (Statistics) Sem-II Attendance upto Feb. 28,2017
8815/02/2017Attendance up to Jan. 2017 Sem-IV
8915/02/2017attendance up to Jan. 2017 Sem-II
9015/02/2017NOTICE FOR PH.D VIVA
9122/12/2016The Department of Statistics is going to organize a Workshop on SPSS for 7 days from January 12-20, 2017
9213/12/2016Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyaan (VISAKA)
9415/09/2016Attendence for Sem I and III upto August 2016
9502/09/2016All the students of M.Sc. (Statistics) Sem.-I & III for the Session 2016-17 are advised to note
9619/08/2016Notice about vacant seats
9708/08/2016NO VACANT SEATS
9808/08/2016Quotation for the purchase of Portable External Hard Disk
9927/07/2016Quotation for the purchase of printer cartridges and UPS, Laptop batteries
10115/07/2016Vacant Seats under different categories
10215/07/2016Quotation for the Purchase of Desktop (AIO) 10 Computer System
10313/07/2016Wating list of candidates for admission to M.Sc.(Statistics) Semester-I for the Session 2016-17 for all categories
10413/07/2016List of candidates admitted to M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester-I under general and reserved categories
10511/07/2016Provisional Merit List for admission to M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester I for Session 2016-17
10611/07/2016Quotation for the purchase of class room teak wood chairs & tables
10710/07/2016Tentative Merit List for admission to M.Sc (Statistics) Semester- I for the session 2016-17
10808/07/2016Tentative Merit List for admission in M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester I, Department of Statistics, PU, Chd.
10920/04/2016SPSS Registration form
11019/11/2015List of candidates in SPSS TRAINING PROGRAMME
11310/07/2015List of candidates
11410/07/2015admission notice
11507/07/2015Merit LIst
11601/07/2015Narindra Vivavoce
11722/06/2015Admission Schedule 2015
11814/05/2015Annual Oration in Department of Statistics
11910/04/2015BSR fellowship
12022/12/2014Quotation for the Purchase of 10 Licenses of Windows 8.1 Professional.

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